2011 Annual Report

Project Status - July 2011

7/25/11 Project Update

Grouse Ridge Lookout restorationBuilt in 1923, Grouse Ridge Lookout is the second oldest lookout in the Tahoe National Forest. It has not been staffed as a fire lookout since the mid 1970’s. The U.S. Forest Service and volunteers are restoring the lookout so it can be a rental available to the public.

The renovation has started, and we could use your help. Due to its historic nature, lookout restoration will need to maintain the historic character of the building while meeting health and safety needs for a rental facility. Additional volunteers, partners, and funding sources are welcome and needed.

Once restored, the lookout will be available to rent through the National Recreation Reservation System. This will be the third lookout available as a rental in the Tahoe National Forest. The 360-degree view is outstanding, however the lookout will be somewhat spartan, like an actual lookout. It will have a propane stove and heater, beds, some cooking utensils and an outhouse. The price of a nightly rental has not yet been established.

2011 Work Days News Release

February 2011

We're making progress! The restoration project began last summer, with help from volunteers and contractors. Most of the lead paint has been removed, for example.

We're going to schedule the next work party after the snow melts, probably in late June or early July, 2011. We held a core group meeting Wed., Feb. 23, to check the project's status, materials list, and to plan for future meetings and work days.

We've raised $2,400 in donations, and have gotten $10,000 from the Forest Service and another $10,000 from the Nevada and Placer County Resource Advisory Committee, as described in the project newsletter. Based on the 2/23 meeting, it looks like the project will need about another $3,000 in funding.

A variety of construction materials have been purchased.  Project managers and contractors are reviewing supply and construction needs and will be providing an update in the next month on additional funding needs.  

Most of the work will be done by contractors due to limited space, hazards of roofing on the exposed ridge, hazardous materials, etc.  We will be able to use volunteers for things like painting and clean-up. Of course, we need donations!

If you can help either with financial materials donations or volunteer assistance, contact Larry Gruver, 530- 477-1265 or email larrygruver1@aim.com. We'll be posting a more detailed materials list for donations shortly. Grouse Ridge Lookout restoration project

September 2010 Update      Project meeting notes

Rental Opportunities
Once restored, the lookout will be added to the list of Forest Service rentals. The accommodations will be spartan in this 14×14 foot building, including twin beds, propane stove and heater, and possibly propane lighting. Guests will need to bring food, utensils, water, and bedding. Although the nightly fee has not been established, these fees are expected to be sufficient to maintain the structure. It's also likely, based on the popularity of other rental lookouts, that Grouse will be in constant demand. In an average year, it would be available from late June through mid October, depending on snow levels. For the snowmobiling crowd, the season could be extended into the winter.

A Room with a View!
If you have never experienced the view from a lookout – imagine 360 degrees of an unobstructed blue sky underscored by dramatic mountains and ridges in the Northern Sierra. Snow-laden peaks, deeply scored canyons, and moss-shrouded trees surround the rocky outcrop on which the lookout sits. Mount Lassen, the coast range, the Sierra Crest, and Desolation Wilderness can be seen from the lookout deck.

Recreation Opportunities in Spitting Distance
Located within a ¼ mile of the Grouse Ridge Campground and Trail head, this lookout is a fine headquarters for an outdoor get-away. In the heart of the Tahoe National Forest, it overlooks the Grouse Lakes area, Lake Spaulding and Bowman Reservoi, all popular recreation sites. Hundreds of jewel-like lakes are scattered throughout the Grouse Lakes area, a non-motorized area. Hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are all very popular. Incredible wildflower-strewn hillsides and ridges provide the backdrop for meandering streams and grassy meadows.

Want to Know More?
If your group or club is interested in a presentation on the lookout and the restoration process or if you would like to know more about the lookout restoration project, contact Rich Veal at 530-272-7109, or Chris Hersey at 530- 477-2510.

Stories, Photos and Art Work Needed
If you are willing to share information, stories, current or old photos, or any art work of the lookout, we would welcome your contribution. We hope to include these items in a notebook at the lookout or on the web. Please contact Ann Westling at 530- 478-6205 or by email at awestling@fs.fed.us if you have these to donate. If you would like to be added to the email list for ongoing information about the restoration process, tell Ann.

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