Grouse Ridge Update – September, 2010

Lead Paint Remediation
Great news!  The lead paint in both the interior and exterior of the lookout has been removed or encapsulated!  Thanks so much to Element 26, environmental contracting company owned by Patrick Marcom and to Brian Wagner, Wagner Construction Group, Inc., who are volunteering their skills, expertise, and time to complete this critical work. Thanks also to Aaraon Linette, Patrick’s assistant.  (See the photos below showing the beginning of the work. Patrick and Aaron are in the green t-shirts.)  The remaining lower siding will be removed just prior to reconstruction next field season.  Plywood/pressboard has been used to seal the building to protect it over the winter.

Thanks too to Carrie Smith, Forest Archeologist, who is working with the contractors to make sure the historical attributes of the lookout are preserved.   According to Carrie, when they took down the interior cabinets, they exposed the original cladding (siding), which is intact and in excellent condition.  The ceiling is tongue-and-groove and the walls are horizontal wainscot.   

Future Work This Fall/Winter
Concrete - Larry Gruver, volunteer project manager, reports that he will be contacting volunteers to complete the cement work for footings, propane tank pad, and walk way to the outhouse and hopes to complete the work this fall.

Offsite work – Some tasks can be completed offsite such as painting the siding.   More information will be coming out, once the work plan has been developed as to when these projects will be scheduled.

Forest Service Buys Supplies
The Forest Service committed over $10,000 and is purchasing roof shingles, siding, paint, plywood/pressboard, etc.   These supplies will be stored over the winter for use and installation next summer.

RAC Grant of $10,000
We were successful in our grant request to the Nevada/Placer County Resource Advisory Committee who recommended appropriating $10,000 for supplies/services for Grouse Ridge Lookout Restoration.

Community Fundraising
The fundraising group has been staffing the display at the Grass Valley Thursday Night Market and has brought in about $100 per night in donations.  Thanks to community donations, that kitty is over $2,000.  Additional fundraising will take place this fall and over the winter. 

Updated 1/30/12